"Sui" Dynasty Vase Water Pipe

The China Glass

  • $155.00

Simple design, unsurpassed performance. 

This "Sui" Water Pipe is inspired by ancient traditions and the strength of enduring culture. Hand blown by artisans in China's Hebei Province exclusively for The China Glass, this simple bong has a vase silhouette and features a diffused downstem for light percolation. 

A piece you will treasure for life! 

"Gentleman should cultivate their character from many aspects, but the most important ones are filial piety and sincerity." —Emperor Ji, Sui Dynasty


 90 Degree Joint
 11.5 inches
 Branded Glass
 Colored Glass
 Dab Rig
 Diffused downstem
 Includes Bowl
 Polished Joint
 Straight Neck
 Uses 14mm Male Bowl
 Worked Glass

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